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Is Mindset Really Everything?

Quantum Architect
September 06, 20227 min read

I’ve been consistently hearing the buzz about mindset being everything. Our brain becomes programmed to think a certain way based on our thoughts, persistent thoughts become our belief system. The amazing thing is that individuals have the power to reprogram their brain to think a certain way. We all know there are certain situations in life that we are not going to be able to control; the only thing we can control is our mindset.

When we are not plugged into our spiritual self, the brain becomes prone to obsess over negative emotions. So, say you are having a great day, but something unexpected happens and it changes your whole perspective of your day. You began to think about why this happened. It takes only 17 seconds for a thought, positive or negative to gain momentum. You, then, forget about all the great stuff that happened during the day because this one thing has taken over your thoughts. You let that one moment ruin your whole day — and for what?

 TIP: When you sleep your vibrational energy stops, so the next morning use it as a catalyst to boost your positivity and momentum for the day.

If we all just went around thinking good things our life would be perfect, right?!?! No my friend. There is more to the story than this, we can’t just simply think good things and good things will happen. However, it is part of the formula. Your brain is programmed largely to overlook happy moments because the experience of joy is not rooted as deep as the painful ones. Meaning, painful moments have an everlasting effect on us, that can even contribute to how we behave in future circumstances. The contradiction to this is that we are looking for joy and happiness. When you realize this, you have the power to rewire your brain to focus on the positive moments of each day and, I promise, it will transform your life.

The way that you tackle, handle and perceive situations is everything. However, that one piece of the missing equation that I was speaking about earlier is how you feel and the vibrational energy that gets cast out. So yes, mindset is everything because it can help you to feel a better vibrational energy. But, in reality, your energy is what you draw more of, and remember it only takes 17 seconds for thoughts to gain momentum. So if you are thinking the thoughts that will get you, and keep you to a high vibe place nothing can bring you down unless you let it. When your mind is clear and focusing on the positives in your life, then that is what you will draw more of. This is why even the people who seem to have it all can still be unhappy and people that have nothing have the ability to be happy. Their thoughts determine their state of happiness. It’s as simple as that.

Thinking positive thoughts or redirecting negative thoughts takes practice, a form of brain training if you will. Once you are plugged in as that high vibrational energy and you begin to see all the miraculous things that can happen for you, you’ll wonder why it took you this long to get there (it did for me anyway).

I want to leave you with some tips on how to work towards a healthier mindset:

1. Take notice and begin practicing your thoughts on purpose

This seems like a strange statement, right?!?! Practice your thoughts on purpose…think about that one for a moment. Do you really focus on what you allow into your thinking? Most of us just leave our brain on auto-pilot, thoughts come and go freely. Notice when this is happening and take charge! Your beliefs are simply thoughts you continually think, so be prudent about what you allow to migrate across your vast brain.

2. Create a higher vibe focal point

Once you notice that you’re not on track with your thoughts, find more positive ways to evaluate your situation. This is best served with a real-life example, from yours truly of how you can raise your thought process.

“I’m so tired and sad that I don’t have any time or money to take care of what I want. I know I want to feel better about my situation.” Moving to a better thought with the same situation…

“I’m angry and frustrated about feeling powerless. I want my power back. I hate this! No more.” Moving to a better thought with the same situation…

“Wait, I have everything I need, all my needs are being met and I’m grateful for that. That feels better – not great, but better and that is all I need for this moment.” Moving to an even better thought with the same situation…

“I’m just going to accept where I am, let go and let my spiritual self handle it. This feels hopeful. I don’t have to figure it out, but this now opens me up to daydream about the possibilities. I’ll go do something productive while I lift up this issue to my spiritual self. I’ll get a feeling if there’s any action for me to take.”

Now, this does not fix all my concerns but it allows me to find some peace by reaching for those high vibe thoughts. When you can raise your thoughts to a more positive plane, this, in turn, raises your vibrational frequency. So energetically you are aligning yourself to receive more positive things in your life.

3. Focus on someone else’s needs

When we can’t seem to climb that ladder to reach those high vibe thoughts, one of the best things we can do is to redirect our energy toward’s someone else’s needs. This can create some space to not only help out someone but allow that to be a welcome distraction. Until we are prepared to feel the feeling we are in and move through it, there is no point in focusing on it. If you do focus on it, it’s very likely that you will obsess over the negative thought and this will lead you down the rabbit hole of despair.

4. Rely on your own intuition and guidance

Don’t look for outer validation of what you are creating in your life. The most unexpected things can happen and they don’t even have to make sense! When you are searching for outer validation you are relying on someone else’s experience and opinion. The path for you is likely to be very different, as will your results. When you can take the time to slow down and really breathe, meditate, connect with your spiritual self; ALL things previously impossible are within reach.

5. Get into the knowing with appreciation and visualization

When you can visualize what you want, you create the sensation of it. Living what you want before it ever physically happens. There is such beauty in creation! Enjoy this process and while you are enjoying dreaming of what will become your reality focus on increasing awareness of how much you really do have to be grateful for in your life. This just further increases your vibrational frequency.

We work from a standpoint of show me and I will believe it to be true. However, this is contradictory to how we find peace and joy in our lives. We must turn to knowing the belief that we have in ourselves, in our circumstances, in our ability to have and deserve more than we ever thought possible. It’s all waiting for you when you live in knowing.

Final thoughts

Your mindset directly affects your actions so you MUST believe you can do something before you attempt it. More importantly, you must be in vibrational alignment to create all the things necessary to achieve it. If you are able to harness the focus to train your mind to see the good in every situation then this is what will determine your overall happiness.

I'm a self professed Quantum Architect – guiding you to use practical techniques to reactivate understanding and divine connection, so that you can begin masterfully building the life of your desires.

Angie Grimes

I'm a self professed Quantum Architect – guiding you to use practical techniques to reactivate understanding and divine connection, so that you can begin masterfully building the life of your desires.

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