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Angie Grimes is a Quantum Architect. Providing Inspiration. Knowledge. Motivation. Teaching you to look within and awaken – guiding individuals to bridge the logical mind and Divine intelligence so that they can amplify their creative genius. She deploys practical techniques to reactivate understanding of the role that the microcosm and macrocosm play so that individuals can begin masterfully recoding their reality.

Angie deeply values balance in all aspects of life and is focused on personal and professional development by actively shifting perspectives, addressing past human conditioning, and centering a new emotional state to access higher energetic frequencies. It is her intention that sharing her story offers hope, inspiration, connection with a renewed understanding that you too can masterfully build your world by feeling and acting like the miracle that you are!

I love speaking about bridging the logical mind to Divine intelligence, quantum mechanics, Human Design, entrepreneurship, online business, and inspirational life topics.

I take so much pleasure in sharing my knowing with those who are ready to bridge the logical mind with a deep and profound connection with their Divine Intelligence.

  • Divine Intelligence: how to find meaning and purpose beyond self. It involves bridging the logical mind, transmuting the belief system with a higher energetic frequency, the unity that is assured when you activate your unique role, and an awareness of a connection to self with Divine union.
  • QUANTUM MECHANICS: demonstrating how microscopic systems: molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles can be applied to daily inner workings so that creates universal alignment. This new event horizon is the beginning of a new transformational journey to true abundance. We create our own reality and align with our destiny. I have come to learn the application of this process and that this has propelled my success – even when I physically had nothing.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: how I my life path took me from being a high school dropout to building at $5 million dollar business in just two years.

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