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How To Reflect On And Achieve New Goals

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September 06, 20226 min read

We all have unlimited potential — but often our results don’t reflect that. Why? Because our unconscious beliefs cripple the results of our goals. Our nature is to only invest energy into that which we believe will produce the outcome we seek. This is why only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving New Year’s resolutions. When we believe something is not going to work out – even unconsciously – we sabotage our potential by taking halfhearted action. Little action equals lousy results. Lousy results equal uncertainty and disheartened beliefs. It is a vicious cycle that only ends when you decide to change what you’re putting into it.

When you take time to check-in with yourself and where you are currently in your life, this is goal reflection. You should use the past year as a guidebook which allows you to gauge the progress of your goals. Goal setting and goal reflecting are about creating powerful meaning for your life as you move forward into the year.

Here are a few guidelines that can help facilitate reflection and therefore influence a more powerful goal setting process and outcome. At any point in time you can take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments for the year and see if they aligned with the goals you set for yourself.

It is so important to keep your perspective. Some of you might be feeling pretty proud having checked off your biggest goals and a handful of smaller ones. Others may be satisfied with achieving a few goals but still working on many of them. And there are always a few of you that might flinch at the thought of reviewing the list that was created a year ago.

Whichever group you fall into, be compassionate with yourself. Try your best to be non-judgmental and less critical of yourself. We all do the best we can with what we have. You are creating your own course and timing, no one is keeping score (except perhaps you). Just know the path you are on is perfect in it’s own right.

Life is a bit of a roller coaster. There are times that we are elated, times for serious growth and improvement, times that we are clinking up the track to steady consistent progress, and of course we all have experienced times that just surviving is considered a huge success!

As you review your goals from last year or the beginning of this year, take into account any factors that we don’t always have control over; such as other people’s decisions and actions, accidents or job security. I know this can be tough to hear, but most circumstances are part of our decisions and actions and in most instances when reviewing them you can see that they were a wakeup call or ended up being a blessing. Ultimately don’t become a victim, be sure to take accountability for your actions and reactions as well.

It’s important to add a variety of goals to you list of things you want to achieve. This allows you to create a flexible collection of options as the year goes on. It set’s us up to allow life to come to you in a way that is meaningful.

For instance, let’s say that someone rear ended you from behind and caused some neck and back problems that now need to be treated. This accident was not your fault but as you focus and adjust your health to accommodate, this provides you some down time for you to meditate, write a book, and learn a new skill you’ve been wanting to know more about. You see how you have the ability to turn a negative into a positive, should you choose to.

There is always some speed bumps that you will encounter. Successful people allow flexibility in their lives, which creates freedom and achievement even when the outcome looks bleak. This allows for continued progress to be made in spite of circumstances.

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So now that we’ve taken some time to reflect on your personal growth over the past year, let’s tackle what you want to achieve the upcoming year.

Many people set goals, however far fewer achieve them. There are lots of reasons that happens. Setting them is a necessary first step, but achieving them is the real purpose, isn’t it? Potential. Action. Results. Beliefs. Certainty. Alone, each one of these words is fairly self-explanatory, but we can put them together and create a cycle of success.

So, after you’ve put together your list of goals for the New Year, let’s ask some questions that can accelerate your achievement.

This is the most important question of all…

Why is achieving this goal important to me?

Without a clear and compelling reason why, you likely won’t do what is necessary to reach the goal. Answer this question and keep your answer clearly focused in your mind.

What will success look like?

Visualize the end result. When you reach your goal what will you be seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling when you reach this goal. This question helps your brain picture success in a real way.

What is my first step?

There is always a first step. It may be small, or it may be large. It’s helpful to break it down into a small step as it gets you going. Either way, without a step you will stay right where you are.

What alternatives can I take to get me there faster?

The first step question is imperative but is there a way to better realize this goal? You want to get moving, but you also want to move efficiently.

Who can help me achieve it?

We do not live on an island. What tools and resources can you leverage to reach your goal?

What will be my biggest barrier?

Ignoring or denying roadblocks will not help. Accounting for it early on and you are already on your way to overcoming, reducing or sidestepping that barrier altogether.

How will I stay focused during the process?

Reaching most goals takes time, energy and focus. Realizing that at the beginning and building a plan to stay focused and knowing how to get refocused, if necessary, is critical.

Final thoughts

It is important to maintain both a short-term and long-term frame of mind when creating, evaluating, and adjusting your goals. We need long-term vision to know what direction to head in the short run and our short-term goal achievements are the stepping stones that build our visionary life.

Use these questions to evaluate your current progress on the year’s goals and in creating your goals for the coming year. If your ready to work toward your goals, please reach out to me. We can discuss any personal or professional goals that you wish to achieve and see how I can help you get there!

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