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Weathering the Storm

September 08, 20224 min read

If you can imagine a hurricane from the view above, it demonstrates ferocious beauty and peace that can be so destructive. However, when immersed in it the storm is unrestrained, turbulent and violent as the winds shake the very roots of trees to the core and the rain rips through branches. This is how my life has felt many times over. I’ve learned through experience that the storms are going to come, there is no avoiding them. It is as if there is some symbolism in the downed terrain and swirling winds destroying your “perfect” world. Consistently the most growth I’ve ever experienced is when I’ve been forced to face the fear itself and the more we share these experiences with others the more we develop in life.

The center, sometimes called the eye, of the storm can be your reprieve. It is the only place amidst the storm that provides you safe haven. The one place in a storm that we can always find the calm peaceful presence of our own divine soul. This phrase “eye of the storm” is personified with peace and solace. As each of us progresses from being a child to an adult, hurricanes are symbolically connected to our development in life. This provides us the opportunity to grow and embrace the change and energy force within.

The eye of the storm is also known as the heart of the soul, this is spiritually connected to growing and wisdom. #QuantumArchitect 


The circle shapes found in a hurricane, indicate that everything has a cycle, and time itself is indefinite. Hurricanes force us to embrace the basics of life. We become so distracted and obsessed by our material possessions and wealth, always striving to achieve in life that we miss out on understanding our spiritual connection with life itself.

In order to stay fixed in the safety of the eye of a hurricane then you cannot stay in a single place. This creates a path for you to keep moving along with the storm and allow it to rage around us until it no longer has enough energy to continue. This may require you to move through debris, or abandon our external points of reference, leaving things that are familiar behind.

I want you to understand that moving with the eye does not mean that you ignore the route of the storm, but that you find your way to move along with it and choose your position. Some of us may choose to fight our way through the storm or dig in our heels and refuse to be moved, which allows the storm to overtake and hit us directly. This is when we get caught up in the chaos itself and our vision and perspective, regardless of experience or ability, may seem to fail us.

Finding the peace to maintain stillness of mind in the midst of our struggles means that we connect with who we truly are and do not define ourselves in terms of external circumstances. It requires us to make a conscious effort to not take the things that people say or do personally, which can cause us to attach our sense of self-worth to the events of our lives. It means keeping our inner power intact.

Most of the time you can no more control the situations that come into our lives than you can control a hurricane. But you CAN always control your response, and choose your position with a loving heart. You can either participate in or identify with the situation itself or maintain your stillness of mind. You can get sucked into it, caught up, triggered by or remain true to yourself.

In the moment this can seem to be a difficult option because many of us typically first react to the emotion of what is happening. Response requires a centering of the heart and a connection to thought. When these two things occur you begin to gain insight and the awareness to be able to reconnect with that calm center where vision is crystal clear.

It is valuable to recognize that no matter how fierce a storm can be or how much damage it leaves in its wake, it does eventually dissipate. It is temporary. What was peaceful, is once again at peace. What was still is once again in stillness. No matter how large or ferocious the storm, this point within is always present. It can be the constant in our lives regardless of how outer circumstances may change.

Grimes, Angie. “Weathering the Storm” Hope Is Now, May 18: 68-69. Print.

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