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The Elusive Balance

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September 08, 20223 min read

In today’s world of constant over stimulus from technology, information, trending topics, and general economic turmoil, people find a simple balance in life very difficult to achieve. When I discuss balance in life with most people, a vision of juggling comes to mind. It is believed that a balanced life is one in which, simultaneously, I keep all my projects going and all my relationships healthy. In this form balanced is achieved by sheer strategy and willpower. As I ponder this form of balance. I begin to recognize that balance for me is about order, rhytum, and harmony.


I find myself experimenting with what feels right for me, finding ways to slow down life and find peace amidst busy days. Knowing that my son is growing so rapidly and that each moment that I spend in the chaos of the past or questioning of my future, a realization occurs that balance is a moving target.

I personally have found that balance can be struck by slowing down and allowing myself to enjoy every moment of each day. However, this requires me to focus, sometimes re-focus and choose to find my peace one moment at a time. I have been able to envelop a harmonious state of mind by surrendering with trust to an unseen force. Knowing that I am supported, I can rest in this moment, lift the stresses to spirit and truly live in peace—all the while pieces of my life are flying in unknown directions.

I’m not suggesting that living this way comes easily. There are many opportunities for me re-frame my thoughts. My life is not always in complete balance—however, it works in the waves of ebbs and flows. I rely on inspired guidance and play as much as possible when that inspiration cannot be found. I revel in the life that I am creating, a more aligned description would be co-creating with spirit. I experience joy with the ability to sink into my life at each moment. As I do this, time slows…I know this may not seem possible, however, when I am focused on the moment that I am in, this is being truly present. There is no reflection of what came before or dreaming of what may come next. My experiences are more meaningful and miraculous events begin to unfold in ways that I never expected.

The next time you notice the time on a clock, take note that the pendulum is only in balance at a single point while the focal point swings back and forth between the two sides. Balance is in fact about movement and flexibility. Swinging and swaying in an attempt to remain centered in the counterpoint. And so, my life goes–in perfect balance, once in a while–but always swinging between two tensions.

So, while balance seems like an incredible notion, I’ve historically lived my life with little balance. I’ve also lived a lot of my life in play, in work, in lesson and adjustment–a stream of life never ending but flowing to yet another new opportunity and season.

I think it’s important to recognize that your life can be content, joyful, and meaningful even without balance. Each of us has a different level of comfort when it comes to keeping a sense of balance. As we all know too well, certain things can be disruptive to our balance and we don’t always listen to our inner voice that tells us this is not right for me.


Perhaps balance is more about the flexibility of the moments, the acceptance of the time limitations of each day, each season, each relationship–none totally balanced or totally perfect–but all an incredible gift. #QuantumArchitect 



So, today– if we could just see this moment and all that that unfolds for us, with you being the key to your own order, rhythm and harmony, and finding balance by being present. Then we can be grateful and content, joyful and able to enjoy ease in the moments of our days. Take a deep breath–and know that you are deserving of rest in the midst of the swings of our life.

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