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Slippery Slope: Compromise of Self

January 22, 20246 min read

Deep within us lies the origin of compromise. It has become a norm accepted by many. As we grow, we are taught to conform within society’s systems. This compromise of self creates a state of living void of personal freedom and settling for second best. There is no space to truly and authentically relish in what we do. And after all, if we don’t enjoy what we do, how can we ever really excel in it? It has become so embedded in our psyche that we frequently compromise our loftiest dreams, most of us without even realizing it. So the spark of genius that we all have present within us when we are born gets stamped out over time. But you, in the depths of your being, know the truth, the spark of genius that you possess is always available for you to cultivate. 

As an entrepreneur and consultant, I have worked for and employed many individuals. I did whatever I deemed necessary to elicit praise and recognition from those that were my superiors, as if their opinion would somehow prove my worth to me. Ah, if it was only that simple. The insecurities that lived deep inside me would never be eliminated by others. And along the way, in my quest for external validation, my path became one of compromise.

I found myself presented with, and being asked to, show support of policies that betrayed what I wanted to uphold in this world. There were often policy changes that were detrimental to employees or customers, policies that I was to enforce. So I did. And while it is one thing to meet another halfway, to understand differing perspectives and work towards a harmony of opposing forces. It is quite another to ‘cave in’ and forsake our nature. This is a betrayal of self. 

As the emotions from my compromise mounted, a realization dawned upon me. An individual cannot be validated by the actions or thoughts of others, or by proximity to others. The only validation that matters is the cultivation of personal validation. This can only be developed from within. I was lost in the pursuit of recognition, all the while constructing a façade to convey authority. As I sought, and was eventually provided with, the validation I craved, I discovered it was hollow and unfulfilling for I had betrayed my true potential while making countless concessions. What a slippery slope I had traversed, once compromise appears in one area of your life, it becomes easier to concede elsewhere.

It took years for me to provide myself the space to soothe the bitter taste of sacrificing my own values and find the strength to rise, renewed in purpose and with deeper understanding of my emotional landscape. No longer bound by the shackles of external validation in that way, I embarked on a journey to redefine power. It is now, through the authenticity and vulnerability of my sharing, that I forge a path of true power from within. 

Your greatest gift lies in the freedom to courageously embody who you truly are, unafraid to take responsibility for your own existence and live your truth. To breathe life into your deepest passions, unyielding to your concerns and filled with focus on what you care about. Much about the human condition eludes us, for we have crafted a complex tapestry that keeps us busy, distracted, and yearning for more. Yet it all serves great purpose… to experience the polarity of possibility, and through our own will, manifest our authentic self in this world. As you develop emotional awareness, you harness the ability to choose freely, in any moment, to feel through all of the feelings that present and inform. Choose to trust - both yourself and others, and choose to move away from the inner dialogue that keeps our focus on the unimportant. 

In the realm of the Chinese I-Ching, the 14th hexagram embodies the concept of "Possession in Great Measure," symbolized by a grand wagon laden with boundless treasures. It has long represented health, wealth and prosperity, all fruits of both fortune and dedicated labors of love. This hexagram revolves not only around the choice of work you do itself, but also the individuals you work with, and above all, the manner in which you harness your abilities. 

As I began to nurture my inner landscape and found that latent spark of genius in my abilities, seismic shifts occurred in my life. I found myself surrounded by individuals who shared and championed the values I held. Consequently, compromising was no longer a necessary option. Stepping out of that abyss of compromise liberated me to dare to envision the boundless possibilities of this plane. My dreams now had the space to take flight. It was then that I realized that in all my seeking of approval I had become a follower, not a creator, hindering all of my prospects for genuine fulfillment and prosperity. 

Prosperity is an infectious energy field and has the remarkable ability to grow and expand exponentially. Authentic prosperity emerges from creating from your own unique enthusiasm and flair, transcending your role as a mere cog in the collective machine. It blossoms from the fruits of individual creativity and receptivity and cultivates unwavering resolve. The moment compromise infiltrates our path, that once-abundant wagon of treasures begins to leak energy. The riches we were born with, decay. The frequency of compromise shatters the prospects of good fortune and synchronicity, leaving a barren wasteland where beauty ceases to thrive, and purpose remains elusive.  

Through the depths of my journey, I realized the significance of seeking approval from others. It was in this desperate pursuit that I discovered the courage to remain true to my values and to embrace the power within me. This transformative experience unveiled the tapestry of life, encompassing both darkness and light, depth and height. For it is in these moments that we truly come alive, gaining wisdom and understanding that shapes our perspective. Life's challenges, intertwined with its blessings, offer us the opportunity to embrace all that it has to offer so that we can become truly integrated beings. 

The most important thing that you can do for yourself, and for your community, is to honor who you are, open to the possibility of breaking free from all the societal conditioning that has limited your potential. As we meet our own needs we expand our capacity to allow others within our communities to do the same, only then can our collective truly thrive. Now is the time to explore the vastness of you. There’s no one like you. There will never be anyone like you again, EVER. This is it. This life is extraordinary, and you are worthy of all you will reap when you step into your fullest potential!

Grimes, Angie. “From the Void To Creation” Expert Profile Magazine, Dec 30: 81-82. Print.

Slippery Slope: Compromise of Self

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