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Our community is a space for logic-minded individuals to self-actualize.

Each of us experiences an incredibly unique set of challenges, all ultimately designed to align us with our divine self. Every situation providing us a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve. How we respond and the choices we make with our challenges is ours to create. Wholeness begins with connection and when we immerse ourselves in it and recognize this, then we can flow with it. My pursuit is to show each individual the unique blueprint that they are comprised of, allowing them to fully recognize the empowerment to live with a greater sense of authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment. I support each person throughout growth, challenges and self exploration by teaching transformational tools based on compassion and love. Taking them back to an alignment with a truth that has been forgotten.

Many answers you are seeking will require a deep and profound self exploration, however I can provide you the practical guidance tools you will use to navigate your path. Through my vast life experience, I’ve personally been guided on how to connect with my truth – by looking within to awaken. It’s time for you to move past the indecision, the anger, the guilt, the fear, the lack of confidence…and instead, move into a life of your masterful creation. One so uniquely you, so authentically satisfying and wondrous that you can’t help but shine for all to see! The practical, interactive products and programs that I create aligns your life and calibrates your mind, body, and spirit to continuously greater levels. Filling the void, you will emerge on the other side as a more balanced, joyful and compassionate person.

Are you ready to masterfully build your world by feeling and acting like the miracle that you are? #QuantumArchitect

The Probability of Your Existence

The probability of you being born at the time you were born, to your particular parents, with your particular genetic makeup has been calculated at:

1 to


(400 Trillion)

*source: Mel Robbins

If you factor in the odds of your parents’ meeting and the probability of all your ancestors successfully mating, and all of the right sperm to meet all the right eggs to make each of those ancestors. The equates to the probability of 2 million people getting together each to play a game of dice. They each roll the dice and they all come up with the exact same number – eg 550,343,279,001. Take into account all the additional statistics, the fact that you exist at all, in this time and space as your physical self, are basically ZERO.

Witness Your Resistence

When you embrace your vulnerability and witness resistance and fear, you begin to activate the power within you. How are you willing to see things differently?

Reach for Higher Thoughts

By reaching as far as you can in your mind for the highest thought available to you. You will begin to literally “see” a much more fulfilling life unfold around you.

Activate a New Thought

Thoughts spark emotion-driven action. It takes a thought to activate an emotion, or drive a decision. Actively think consciously to make changes.

Create A List of Desires

To create our deepest desires we must first be clear on what it is we want. You can maximize this by writing a list in past tense that mixes in real life – already realized successes, with your newest hopes and desires.

Project Elevated Energetic Vibration

You are energy vibrating in a Universe made of vibrating energy. Your energy vibrations attract like energy to you. When you direct your energy vibration, you begin to cultivate what you attract – positive or otherwise.

Release to Shift

The process of letting go allows you to bring new possibilities in your life. When you release a shift begins to occur and in this way a new path is forged that allows resolutions to come to you naturally.


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